It’s a vampire, it’s a zombie, it’s The Revenant!

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Movies, Reviews
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Gore: Blood splatter goodBlood splatter goodBlood splatter goodBlood splatter badBlood splatter bad

Soul: soul goodsoul goodsoul goodsoul goodsoul bad

Cult Factor:   Time well spent!

Get it from Revenant [Blu-ray]

The Revenant is an horror comedy by Kerry Prior, and his second attempt at directing.  It may look like a simple undead movie at first but it’s way more than that. A soldier dies in Iraq and comes back from the dead, in order not to rot he needs to drink human blood plus he dies every morning and returns to life every night. So far it’s just a vampire/zombie mash-up. But that ends here. The revenant in question keeps his wits and soul with him and in fact he only wants to stay alive. He asks his friend for help in getting him through the process of accepting his new condition and that’s where the fun begins.

Damn mortuaries…

It really is more about bro love than anything else. At the same time it feasts your eyes with plenty of gore and violence, but not in an in your face manner, leaving your attention to the story unfolding. In fact this movie isn’t filmed like an horror movie and lacks all the tension building music and usual scares of other horror movies. And actually the comedy itself isn’t really a obvious comedy, not even like Shaun of the Dead, it has it’s funny moments (a dildo used to vibrate vocal cords for instance) but most times it looks more like a drama than anything else.

The bad part of the movie is that the  indie status and the director’s inexperience are visible through the score (it’s merely noticeable and lacks impact), cast (apart from the two main actors which fit the roles perfectly the rest aren’t very good or at least their characters are so bland they didn’t have anything to work with) and pacing of the movie (seems a little too slow sometimes).

Anyway, it’s a good movie and you’re sure to have fun watching it. So get to it.

  1. Miguel Cintra says:

    This movie is completely nonsense in the good way! And really comic! The dildo resonating the cut off head caracter’s voice was just amazing! But the movie is a bit slow and some actors (not the main ones) were not good. And i feel that the end could have been much much better. Nevertheless it worth it! DE-COMPOSING!!!! hehehehehe 😛

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