SIGHTSEERS Takes You On a Road-trip With Serial Killers

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Movies, Reviews
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Gore: Blood splatter goodBlood splatter badBlood splatter badBlood splatter badBlood splatter bad

Soul: soul goodsoul goodsoul goodsoul goodsoul bad

Cult Factor:   Time well spent!

Get it from Sightseers

Let me start by saying that Sightseers is all kinds of awesome. I could end this review right now because there really isn’t anything more to say other than you’ve got to see this movie.
The story starts with what clearly is a repressed forty year old girl, Tina, desperate to be free from her mother’s clutches. She hopes to do this by hitching a ride through countryside England in her boyfriend Chris’s trailer. Things seem fine until the mother calls the boyfriend a murderer. What follows is a road-trip about a woman coming out of her shell, a serial killer coping with life as part of a couple, the beautiful love between two troubled souls and a small dog named Banjo, I mean Poppy.

Ben Wheatley is on a roll these last years, Kill List (if you haven’t seen this then you must), U for Unearthed (one of the best shorts on The ABC’s of Death, certainly one of the most original) and now Sightseers. Alice Lowe and Steve Oram play their respective parts beautifully and create a very disturbing feel. That’s the feeling you get when you see plain ordinary folk that look like… nothing really just plain and ordinary, pilling up a body-count that rivals Jason, Freddy, Jigsaw and the likes of them. Don’t be surprised if by the end you start wondering if any of your neighbors are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Nothing more endearing than the love of two killers!

Nothing more endearing than the love of two killers!

For some reason that I can’t claim to understand this movie is being marketed as a comedy, while there are some laughs to be had this is as funny as the original The Office was. Sad, weird, disturbing, endearing, romantic, slightly bloody, yes, sure, but funny? Not really. At most it’s a satire on society. Chris kills when people make him angry, while most us repress the very same feelings. Tina kills because she wants to be loved, mostly, and after all isn’t that we all want? Reading descriptions of Sightseers that claim the movie is hilarious  makes me wonder two things, either I’m losing my sense of humor or who said that hasn’t seen the movie. Sightseers is one of those movies that you can’t like but that you’ll love. Something that no one does better than those tea-sipping Brits.


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