HOUSE OF GOOD AND EVIL is a Wonderful Dark Love Story

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Movies, Reviews
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House of good and evil

Gore: Blood splatter goodBlood splatter badBlood splatter badBlood splatter badBlood splatter bad

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Cult Factor:   Time well spent!

The House of Good and Evil is the first directorial effort for David Mun and it’s a great start for him. It stars Rachel Marie Lewis as Maggie and Christian Oliver as Chris. The story begins when Maggie, 8 months pregnant, falls during a discussion with Chris and loses the baby. To try and get away from that horrible accident the couple moves to a house far from any kind of civilization, which includes no phones, something new generations might find hard to believe. The house is split into two and in the other half live the Andersons. Things quickly start to behave strangely with Maggie experiencing several nightmares, hearing phones ringing on the other side of the house and other forms of paranormal activity. Blu de Golyer wrote a great script and the story is very well told, it’s a movie that works best without knowing anything else so I won’t divulge how the story unfolds. But I will say this, I think the title is poorly picked, the problem is that I find it very hard to see the good or evil in the movie. It’s mostly grey, and in fact a sad love story.

A girl always looks sexy wielding a double axe!

A girl always looks sexy wielding a double axe!

The movie has almost no visual special effects and for the most part makes use of sound to create the tense atmosphere. It’s worth mentioning that the sound effects were very reminiscent of an age past, more than once I was reminded of movies like The Haunting (1963). This gave the movie a very classical feel from a time when filmmakers didn’t have computers to make special effects. This works to the advantage of the movie because it fits the story, but may alienate the newer generations. Another bad thing (or good depending on how you look at it) is that there’s a feeling that the story can be told in a few minutes to almost the same effect, it could fit in a 15-20min short. This has two effects, people looking for excitement and things happening fast may feel the story dragging, but on the other side, it gives plenty of screen time to Rachel Marie Lewis who makes a tremendous job playing Maggie, and that extra time has the effect of making the ending much more dreadful.

Ultimately I think that House of Good and Evil is a very good dark love story, it’s more sad than horror and definitely sticks with you at the end and for that alone it’s one worth watching. You can catch it next week when it premieres at the Arizona International Film Festival on the 27th of April.

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