ZOMBIELAND Pilot Available For Amazon Prime NOW

Posted: April 18, 2013 in News, Trailers
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Immediately stop whatever you’re doing.zombieland

2009 saw the release of Zombieland a fantastic zombie comedy that was funny enough to laugh, had action to entertain and still managed to provide enough zombie goodness to satisfy horror fans. Recently Amazon has announced plans to produce a series picked from 7 pilots by viewers. One of those pilots is based on Zombieland and today is the big day. The trailer is out sure (and below for your viewing pleasure), and we can all see it, but more importantly, Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to see the Pilot right now.

The trailer shows us that gone are Woody Harrelson, Jesse Einberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin. To replace them came Kirk Ward, Tyler Ross, Maiara Walsh and Izabela Vidovic. The original cast played a great role in giving Zombieland it’s deserved place under the spotlight. This doesn’t mean that the new guys aren’t good, it just means that we’ll all feel a certain uneasiness when watching the series, but it will pass. Luckily the creative team writers and producer remain the same, plus we get Eli Craig (Tucker and Dale vs Evil) directing the pilot.

Now I’m not sure if the pilot is good enough or not, I don’t know if the story will remain funny and entertaining, I don’t know if Kirk Ward will be able to fill Woody Harrelson’s shoes, but I do know this. I’ll watch the hell out of this pilot as soon as I possible can and I sure hope you do too.

So if you still remember the rules do no.8 then no. 31, sit back and enjoy the series.

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