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Bethesda have recently unveiled the trailer for their new upcoming survival horror game called The Evil Within (a very original name indeed). The game has a very strong name attached to it, Shinji Mikami. Gamers who love horror will have surely played Shinji’s last game in the genre Resident Evil 4, which is still one of the best games there is when it comes to horror. Resident Evil had a lot of memorable scenes, I still remember first entering that village and trying my best to escape through the houses from that chainsaw wielding maniac… I think we may be safe here and expect a good game. Bethesda are great developers and Shinji knows what’s good in horror games.

The trailer is live action, so in reality in doesn’t really show anything about the game itself… but if they’re going with the same vibe and feel, I think we can expect good things. Doesn’t really show much storywise or in terms of setting but I like the general feel of the monsters shown in the trailer, reminds me of Resident Evil 4, but that’s a good thing, right?

There’s also a few images available, courtesy of IGN, that give a more detailed perspective of how the game will look. Hanging bodies, zombie-like creatures, head-in-a-bag maniacs and multi-armed monsters? Count me in!┬áIt’s still early as the game is set to release sometime next year in all the usual places, so we should expect to know more and get plenty of information in between.

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Lately I’ve been playing Dead Space (Yes the first one. Yes I know I’m late to the party) and it’s one of the most terrifying experiences I’ve been through. Movies can’t even come close to the type of fear a game can deliver. No matter the movie we’re always looking through a glass window watching what’s happening to someone else. But in a game we are that someone else. A good game has the ability to make you forget where you are and enter a place of fantasy where you are the hero, you make the choices and you suffer the consequences. Constantly finding yourself lacking ammo and facing death you’ll have trouble keeping your calm. For those reasons playing an horror game is a scary ordeal.

Yes… yes it is…

A game that uses its sound and environment to full effect can make me jump off the chair like a little girl. Dead Space is one of those. Playing it with lights off and headphones on will get your heart racing.

The game has spawned two animated movies, a comic, a book, 4 games in the series and there’s rumors of an eventual live action movie. If nothing else that will tell you that the world of Dead Space is profitable. If like me you haven’t played Dead Space yet then do it now.

If you still have any doubts I’ll leave a compilation of the main characters different death scenes in the first game only. I love the one where they take of his head and then take control of the body…