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I watched this short at a animation festival here in Portugal called Monstra in 2011 (I think, could have been 2010). Anyway, I’ve been trying to remember the name so I could post it for my readers to see and finally I did! It’s a spanish production from 2010 by Marc Riba and Anna Solanas called Les Bessones del Carrer de Ponent (The Twin Girls of Sunset Street). For those of you that don’t know spanish don’t worry because it doesn’t have any dialogs, and as you’ll see it doesn’t really need them anyway. Enjoy.


I’ve recently watched The ABCs of Death and this amazing short is the entry for T. Lee Hardcastle won the  open competition to enter a short in the full anthology with T is for Toilet, and It’s not surprising it won as you’ll see It’s a fantastic animation about the dangers of going to the toilet. By the way you’ve probably seen it already seen it’s been available online for around two years, but I had to post it here. I just had to.

Enjoy the fantastic short below!