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lords of salemGore: Blood splatter goodBlood splatter goodBlood splatter badBlood splatter badBlood splatter bad

Soul: soul goodsoul goodsoul badsoul badsoul bad

Cult Factor:   Watch with moderation.

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Gore: Blood splatter goodBlood splatter badBlood splatter badBlood splatter badBlood splatter bad

Soul: soul goodsoul goodsoul goodsoul goodsoul bad

Cult Factor:   Time well spent!

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This short has been around since 2008 and you’ve probably seen the feature film by the same name it originated still it’s a great piece of horror. Clocking in at just over 3 minutes it’s amazing how scary and dreadful it is. The continuous shot sure helps, but sound and the young girls do play a big part. It was directed by Andy Muschietti and produced by his sister Barbara Muschietti.

This video starts with a small commentary from Guillermo Del Toro explaining why the short made him want to produce the feature film Mama that premiered back in January, which gives it that DVD extra feel.

I have yet to see the feature film, including reading the reviews (I stay away from those before seeing the movies), but if this short is any indication of the quality of the final feature then I know I’ll enjoy it. I especially like the way the mother moves while chasing the girls.

You can also check it on Vimeo here (without the commentary) or pre-order it from Amazon: Mama.

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House of good and evil

Gore: Blood splatter goodBlood splatter badBlood splatter badBlood splatter badBlood splatter bad

Soul: soul goodsoul goodsoul goodsoul goodsoul bad

Cult Factor:   Time well spent!

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Gore: Blood splatter goodBlood splatter badBlood splatter badBlood splatter badBlood splatter bad

Soul: soul goodsoul goodsoul goodsoul goodsoul bad

Cult Factor:   Time well spent!

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Salem Kapsaski

Salem Kapsaski is a stage and film director, screenwriter and playwright. He has directed several short films and numerous theatre plays.

I love big blockbusters as much as any other man, it’s always fun to watch millions and millions of dollars explode on the big screen, but if you want something that surprises you or something new, you know, art, you have to turn your back at Hollywood and look for the elusive indie productions. It’s something every film buff goes through, after a few years of Hollywood blockbusters you start to feel the need for something else. So it was a great honor for me to have had the chance, after merely 10 weeks of Gore With Soul’s existence, to interview Salem Kapsaski, an indie filmmaker on the verge of releasing his first feature film, Spidarlings. Please forgive my lack of originality in terms of questions (my journalist background and formal film knowledge are non-existent) and give praise to Salem’s answers.


One more episode to go. The second to last episode was really something. This is what the Walking Dead is all about, good characters played by great actors and occasional zombie killing scene. The exchanges between Daryl and Merle, Merle and Michonne, Merle and Rick, Rick and the gang were all great  to watch.

The things we do for brotherly love...

The things we do for brotherly love…

The show started with Rick dead set on delivering Michonne to the Governor. He went on to recruit the bad guy known as Merle to help do it. But Merle knows Rick and so he decides to do it on his own fearing Rick would back out of it, which he did, but by the time Merle and Michonne were on their way to meet the Governor. Then Michonne just talks and talks to get Merle to turn around. Tired of hearing her he decides to go alone and try to deal with the Governor on his own.

Daryl follows them but when he gets there his brother was already munching on someone’s guts. Watching Daryl deal with his brothers death and having to kill him was a dramatic  outcome. My question is will Daryl go ballistic on Woodbury or will he fall back in rank with the prison gang? Who are having something of a political revolution by the way.

Rick realizes he isn’t fit to lead and decide for everyone anymore so they decide to go back to a democracy. Tyranny wasn’t Rick’s style. Glen and Maggie are taking the next step and tying the knot. Cutting off an engagement ring from a zombie’s finger was a nice touch from Glen.

I wonder how Andrea is doing back in the Governor’s dungeon of love…

Lately I’ve been playing Dead Space (Yes the first one. Yes I know I’m late to the party) and it’s one of the most terrifying experiences I’ve been through. Movies can’t even come close to the type of fear a game can deliver. No matter the movie we’re always looking through a glass window watching what’s happening to someone else. But in a game we are that someone else. A good game has the ability to make you forget where you are and enter a place of fantasy where you are the hero, you make the choices and you suffer the consequences. Constantly finding yourself lacking ammo and facing death you’ll have trouble keeping your calm. For those reasons playing an horror game is a scary ordeal.

Yes… yes it is…

A game that uses its sound and environment to full effect can make me jump off the chair like a little girl. Dead Space is one of those. Playing it with lights off and headphones on will get your heart racing.

The game has spawned two animated movies, a comic, a book, 4 games in the series and there’s rumors of an eventual live action movie. If nothing else that will tell you that the world of Dead Space is profitable. If like me you haven’t played Dead Space yet then do it now.

If you still have any doubts I’ll leave a compilation of the main characters different death scenes in the first game only. I love the one where they take of his head and then take control of the body…

Álex de la Iglesia is no stranger to fans of horror and has proved many times his directing skills. Now he delivers the first trailer for his new movie Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi (Witching and Bitching). As you’ll see the movie looks like a blend of action, comedy and horror genres and it looks mighty fun!

My fear that this series would be too much teen drama was misplaced. Since Norman is still growing his inner psychopath it’s normal to have some teen drama on screen but the pathological mother and son relationship more than makes up for it. I was pleasantly surprised with the first episode so since The Walking Dead is nearing it’s end, I’ve decided to take up the role of reviewing Bates Motel’s ten episodes as I see them.

Hi Norman, didn't realize you were there. I'm just helping this poor men.

Hi Norman, didn’t realize you were there. I’m just stabbing this guy. Love you son!