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Economics of the Undead

Posted: March 13, 2013 in General
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We interrupt the normal broadcast to bring you an unbelievable piece of news.

Economics of the undead

The opportunity of a lifetime!

Apparently two economics professors,  Glen Whitman and James P. Dow, from California State University Northridge are planning to publish a collection of essays by the name of Economics of the Undead:  Blood, Brains & Benjamins. Finally academia is taking notice in something horror fans have known ever since the days of Dawn of the Dead. Undead hordes behave just like shoppers and pose a great opportunity for economics studies. The applications of studies like these are immense! Besides the obvious interest in economy advancement this is a lifetime opportunity for horror fans all over the world.

I have some economics background, so if any of you are interested please send me an email and we’ll collaborate.

PS: I did cringe when I saw Twilight, Buffy, Romero and Walking Dead all mentioned in the same sentence…