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Salem Kapsaski

Salem Kapsaski is a stage and film director, screenwriter and playwright. He has directed several short films and numerous theatre plays.

I love big blockbusters as much as any other man, it’s always fun to watch millions and millions of dollars explode on the big screen, but if you want something that surprises you or something new, you know, art, you have to turn your back at Hollywood and look for the elusive indie productions. It’s something every film buff goes through, after a few years of Hollywood blockbusters you start to feel the need for something else. So it was a great honor for me to have had the chance, after merely 10 weeks of Gore With Soul’s existence, to interview Salem Kapsaski, an indie filmmaker on the verge of releasing his first feature film, Spidarlings. Please forgive my lack of originality in terms of questions (my journalist background and formal film knowledge are non-existent) and give praise to Salem’s answers.




Every once in a while we come across something so utterly strange and yet so enthralling that we can’t really describe it. Spidarlings is that kind of thing. A movie described as a blood splattered musical with gags, gore, extravagant music numbers and a giant tarantula that alters the fate of everyone. All of this coupled with a love story between two unusual girls living on the edge.

Produced by Après Vague Productions, directed by Salem Kapsaski and entirely filmed in the UK comes this tongue-in-cheek satire about the British Welfare system. It stars Sophia Disgrace and Rahel Kapsaski as the two lovers and a veritable who’s who of the most diverse type of cast I’ve ever seen. You’ve got Rusty Goffe, Gypsy Lee Pistolero, Bloody F Mess, Toshio Maeda, Jeff Kristian and Lloyd Kaufman among others. So prominent actors, rock legends, gypsy punk singers, drag queen singers, japanese hentai artist, and the father of Troma in the cast.

Poverty stricken lovers Eden and Matilda have enough trouble just getting through the days. Their Landlord is trying to terrorize them and strange things seem to be going on at “Juicy Girls”, the place where Matilda works…  but when Eden buys a pet spider the real troubles start.

Spidarlings has the look and feel of a dream (or nightmare depending on perspective) and something so strange that can only be achieved through the world of indie film making. It’s not everyday that you come across a movie in the horror/comedy/musical genre with topics of LGBT in it. It feels like the director was trying to find the most off mainstream movie he could. The interesting is that sometimes it’s from these dark corners of film making that appear the rarest and roughest of gems.

You can find Spidarlings this summer at the Detroit Underground Film Festival (DUFF) and Film 4 Frightfest when it premieres. But for now take a look at the trailer and some still for Spidarlings.

Stills from Spidarlings:

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