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At last the third season of the best show on earth comes to an end, and it was spectacular. The whole season was very well done and greatly improved on the first two runs. Technically I couldn’t find a fault, I’m not an expert, not even close, but special effects,  camera work, script, dialog, make up, characterization all seemed perfect. Except maybe the fact that these dudes and dames have time to go to the barber, bathe, shave and even dye the hair in the middle of the apocalypse. I find it hard to fit in my routine life and these guys always manage it. It’s the single most impressive achievement of these characters.

Great cast picture but it's hard to see the Governor smile without getting a shiver down my spine.

Great cast picture. Even here the Governor looks dangerous.



One more episode to go. The second to last episode was really something. This is what the Walking Dead is all about, good characters played by great actors and occasional zombie killing scene. The exchanges between Daryl and Merle, Merle and Michonne, Merle and Rick, Rick and the gang were all great  to watch.

The things we do for brotherly love...

The things we do for brotherly love…

The show started with Rick dead set on delivering Michonne to the Governor. He went on to recruit the bad guy known as Merle to help do it. But Merle knows Rick and so he decides to do it on his own fearing Rick would back out of it, which he did, but by the time Merle and Michonne were on their way to meet the Governor. Then Michonne just talks and talks to get Merle to turn around. Tired of hearing her he decides to go alone and try to deal with the Governor on his own.

Daryl follows them but when he gets there his brother was already munching on someone’s guts. Watching Daryl deal with his brothers death and having to kill him was a dramatic  outcome. My question is will Daryl go ballistic on Woodbury or will he fall back in rank with the prison gang? Who are having something of a political revolution by the way.

Rick realizes he isn’t fit to lead and decide for everyone anymore so they decide to go back to a democracy. Tyranny wasn’t Rick’s style. Glen and Maggie are taking the next step and tying the knot. Cutting off an engagement ring from a zombie’s finger was a nice touch from Glen.

I wonder how Andrea is doing back in the Governor’s dungeon of love…

My fear that this series would be too much teen drama was misplaced. Since Norman is still growing his inner psychopath it’s normal to have some teen drama on screen but the pathological mother and son relationship more than makes up for it. I was pleasantly surprised with the first episode so since The Walking Dead is nearing it’s end, I’ve decided to take up the role of reviewing Bates Motel’s ten episodes as I see them.

Hi Norman, didn't realize you were there. I'm just helping this poor men.

Hi Norman, didn’t realize you were there. I’m just stabbing this guy. Love you son!


This weeks episode marked a refreshing change in the series. They’re clearly preparing for the last two episodes. We’ve got plenty of action and walkers for zombie fans but also some drama unfolding for those that enjoy the story of these soon to be dead characters. And gore fans rejoice! This episode gives us plenty of head stabbings, one excellent shovel face lift and twitching burnt zombies!

I'm still surprised this scene is part of a fiction TV show...

I’m still surprised this scene is part of a fiction TV show…


Rick and the Governor sit down and talk peace terms while Merle tries to rile up the prison dwellers and Glen and Maggie have sex. Nothing else happens.

You just know that guy is going to die... poor hitchhikers...

Here I am, kill me. No? Really?! You’re that stupid? It’ll be a pleasure killing you then.


Episode 12 of season 3 is almost a story of its own. Woodbury, the prison and the governor’s shenanigans take the backstage as Rick, Carl and Michonne take a road trip and some time off to bond.

You just know that guy is going to die... poor hitchhikers...

You just know that guy is going to die… poor hitchhikers…


This week’s episode was the calm before (and after) the storm. It was a nice dramatic episode full of character development and not much horror to be spoken off. Mainly it served to set things up for what’s going to happen next.

Is that infected pus oozing from the eye?

Is that infected pus oozing from the eye?


This week’s episode, Home, was well orchestrated. Things started off slowly but pretty soon bullets were flying and walkers were dying. It’s retaliation time!

Best PSA ever to watch your head when closing the trunk.

Best PSA ever to learn to watch your head when closing the trunk.


Finally The Walking Dead has returned to the home screen! This is my favorite show on TV right now because it has all I like about horror, gore with soul. I’ve read the comics so I have a general idea of where things are going but I’ll refrain from future guessing in the review.

So, The Suicide King. This episode picks up right where we left last year with Merle and Daryl pitted against each other in a fight to the dead while everyone cheers. Fortunately for them Rick arrives just in time to save them, leaving Woodbury in panic. Back at the prison things are fairly calm but the newcomers aren’t all friendly, if it were not for Tyreese Rick might not have had anything to go back to. Daryl departs because the group won’t accept Merle back, but I’m sure they’ll return. There’s a great scene here where Rick and Gary are talking and we can see walkers in the background just moving around. This tells volumes on how much this world has changed and the protagonists with it.

Tyreese, one of my favorite characters in the comics. Let’s hope you don’t die too soon…

Two more things of relevance happen in this episode, Andrea steps up in Woodbury as the Governor steps down the insanity road it’ll be fun to see just how much hell he brings in the next episodes. And Rick starts to go full crazy haunted by his dead wife, killing Lori sooner than in the comics was a good change for the show!