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Hide and seek serves two purposes in life. A way for boys to chase girls and a first introduction to the thrill of suspense. James Wan is going to try and gives us a scare for playing hide and seek with a ghost. Now, I’ve seen Insidious and hated it. One of the things I hated was the main actor who is coming back for more here. Same director, same actor, same general setting… things don’t bode well… Plus anyone who has seen more than two ghost/haunted house movies is able to name every scare in this trailer two seconds before they happen… still, who knows, it might not suck.


The Bighead is a new short film adaptation of Edward Lee’s controversial novel The Bighead. Having completed it’s kickstarter goal back in September 2012 Geoff Skinner has managed to secure and green-lit the project. Michael Ling is at the helm, writing and directing, and the team are set to premiere the short the end of this month in LA. I must say I haven’t read the book but judging by some of the opinions I’ve seen, I definitely  have to now.  Here’s just one to wet the appetite:

“Never have I been so ashamed of myself for laughing so hard at something so utterly depraved!” — John Mason Skipp, co-author of Light at the End, The Bridge, and Animals.

Once I get my hands on the novel I’ll let you what I think but right now here’s the trailer for the short.

Fellow horror blogger at (great looking blog, by the way ;)) posted an excellent article about the upcoming indie Lord of Tears. Besides getting financed through kickstarter, which is always a good thing in my opinion, it also looks pretty good. Looks like a mix between haunted house, madness and monster genre. I won’t dwell into any details, for that I’ll link you to the wonderful and very complete post at, so I’ll just leave the trailer here.

Trailer: STALLED

Posted: March 14, 2013 in News, Trailers
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Horror and comedy have been walking hand in hand for a long time now, one could say almost as long as they exist. In fact I’m a firm believer that slapstick comedy and dark humor are just two sides to the same coin. But here I am rambling without reason as usual.

I’ve always asked myself, what would I do if I’m stuck in a toilet stall during a zombie outbreak at a Christmas office party? I seems like I’m about to get the answer. Christian James is directing and Dan Palmer is writing, for both of them Stalled marks the first feature film so I’m curious to see what the pair can deliver. I liked the trailer and from what I can see it looks like a fun zombie trip filled with toilet humor.

Nothing wrong with that.

Tv Trailer: In The Flesh

Posted: February 26, 2013 in News, Trailers
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Lately we’ve had zombies in the Tv (The Walking Dead), zombies learning how to love (Warm Bodies) and other types of aware zombies (The Revenant and Deadheads). Seems like a trend.

This latest offering is a new TV show from our UK friends at BBC called In The Flesh. It follows Kieren a cured zombie trying to get back to a post-apocalyptic society, specifically the place where he used to feed back when he was a zombie or suffering from PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) as they put it. I’m looking forward to this.

Today is international horror movie trailer day!

Today I bring you three interesting offerings, one from Ukraine, one from India and the last one from Indonesia. The first is described as a comedy horror but from the trailer I wonder where the comedy lies? The second one is hailed as the first found footage movie from India, well maybe, although I’d consider Ragini: MMS  the first.  And the third looks like a very atmospheric movie reminiscent  of Donnie Darko, but bloodier and darker.

Unforgotten Shadows:

Case No. 666/2013:


Hideo Nakata forever changed the face of horror when he made Ringu the japanese original that was remade as The Ring. So any new entry into the genre by Nakata is worth at least a look at. The Complex is a haunted building story but I’ll just let the teaser do the talking.

I’ve enjoyed House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects and Halloween. But Rob Zombie’s last movie, Halloween II was a bit of a misstep. It seemed a little all over the place, like he was trying too hard or something. This year he’s going to release a new project Lords of Salem. The trailer looks ok, and so far Rob’s record with me is 3 to 1 so he’s still good in my books. Plus, Rob has to keep making movies otherwise his wife doesn’t get to act.

I’m kidding, I actually enjoy Mrs Zombie on screen. She did a good job on Halloween as a worried and scared mother and on The Devil’s Reject as the disturbed and crazy Baby (man that girl was scary…).

Here’s the trailer for Lords of Salem:

This is old news for any horror fan but for those of you that are living under a rock or something there’s going to be an Evil Dead remake. As most of you know Evil Dead is one of the most well known horror movies and spawned Evil Dead 2 an horror-comedy remake which is probably better known and the sequel Army of Darkness. Evil Dead is now part of our pop culture. Even if you didn’t see Evil Dead chances are you’re familiar with Ash and his chainsaw.

The great Bruce Campbell as Ash.

So without further ado here’s the trailer for the remake of Evil Dead.

(2013) Evil Dead – Trailer Oficial from Cinexis on Vimeo.

It looks interesting and I’m looking forward to it. What do you think?

And for those feeling sentimental I leave you with the trailer for the original. If you haven’t seen it then stop anything you’re doing and get yourself a copy. Seriously.

Evil Dead Trailer from Elleanna Dwyer on Vimeo.

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