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Valentine’s Horror Night

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Movie List
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In order to truly enjoy Valentines Day there’s nothing like a good horror movie to get warmth under the skin. So in order to help you here’s my Valentine’s Horror Night list of romantic horror movies (in no specific order).

The Loved Ones

This one is all about those girls who love prom nights with daddy issues. So if you took your loved one to prom or had trouble meeting her father this one’s for you. It’ll get you started like nothing else.

Pro tip: Watch only if both of you can handle horror like nothing else.

The Woman

The Woman will show your girl just how much independent a woman can be, she’ll feel empowered and sexy. Plus there’s actually some sexy scenes if you’re into S&M stuff.

Pro tip: Don’t select this one if there’s sexual abuse in your past.

Let the Right One In

This is vampire love story done right. The thing to know going forward with this one is that it’s a love story between kids, well one kid and one very old vampire kid, but it’s definitely not a movie for kids.

Pro tip: It’s a swedish movie so if you’re not comfortable with subtitles get Let Me In instead, it’s the american remake.

Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight or Mientras Duermes is a story that’ll get your lady extremely happy you’re right next to her. She’ll want you to hold her to sleep after this one. So be a good boyfriend and check under the bed, lock the door and windows and cuddle her in your arms.

Pro tip: Don’t watch this if any of you ever had a stalker.

Sweet Valentine!