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The mother and son weird relationship continues to get weirder, and things complicate with the appearance of Norma’s older son. And it seems that he is the complete opposite of Norman and really despises his mother. We also learn that the town is not really what it seems, and that it’s inhabitants seem to be fire loving people.

So, how long will you live?



You may not have read the book or watched Hitchcock’s adaptation but if you’re alive then you recognize the famous shower/knife scene.

Give me back my CONDITIONER!!!!

Coming from A&E we’re getting a brand new show called Bates Motel giving us a close look to the teenage years of the¬†fictional¬†serial killer known as Norman Bates, the man that made opening a shower curtain a scary thing. The show premieres tomorrow night and even though it might be a little too teen for my liking it also has a certain Dexter vibe to it so who knows maybe it is another good serial killer show. I’ll give it a shot, will you?